Clubs nautiques et de voile

Yacht clubs, sailing clubs, and windsurfing clubs are the foundation of the Sail Canada membership program. There are 255 clubs currently members of Sail Canada.

Clubs become members of Sail Canada by applying to their respective provincial sailing associations (PSA). The annual club membership fee is based on the number of members in each club and is calculated on “adult”, “family” or equivalent membership categories. The membership fee is paid to the PSA, and a portion of that is forwarded to Sail Canada. For further information, or to become a member club please contact a provincial sailing association or Sail Canada.

All persons recognized as members in good standing of a Sail Canada / PSA member club are considered to be members of Sail Canada. A club listing of all members should be provided to Sail Canada/PSA so that services may be provided to all members.


Services and Benefits to Clubs

All clubs that are current members of their provincial sailing association and Sail Canada benefit from the following services:

  • Sail Canada Membership cards for individual members of clubs and certificates of membership for organizations are provided
  • Voting rights at the Sail Canada Annual General Meeting
  • Sail Canada represents the interests of clubs to Wolrd Sailing, political forums, Transport Canada, Coast Guard, government agencies, marine organizations, etc.
  • Assistance with racing development clinics, regatta management (consultation)
  • Access to Sail Canada national instructor training programs, instructor placement service, and job advertising
  • Members of the club gain the “right to race” in events, using the Racing Rules of Sailing
  • Access to appeals and protest process
  • May receive and contribute to the Sail Canada email newsletter
  • PSA newsletter, directory, and mailings (where applicable)
  • 30% DISCOUNT on all online purchases through any Coleman Canada website in 2019. This discount applies to the full line of Coleman Canada products – including Stearns PFDs, tents, sleeping bags, coolers and all sorts of outdoor camping gear, and Sevylor inflatables. Log into your Sail Canada profile for details and the discount code.
  • Reciprocal privileges with other clubs (encourage and facilitate). Contact the PSA for details.
  • Special Insurance rates on Director’s Liability, sailing school, and regatta liability insurance – contact for details
  • Club members gain access to the special boat, home, and auto insurance rates with the Skippers’ Plan
  • R.C. Stevenson Boat Loan Fund. This fund was established to assist Sail Canada member clubs in the purchase of sailboats to be used for junior training.
  • Access to Sail Canada Financial Assistance programs, such as donation receipt programs, funding assistance for high-performance athletes, and programs
  • Opportunity to host provincial, national, and world championships
  • Access to resources such as Sail Canada “How to” publications, Sail Directors Handbook, Race Management, Protest Committee Handbooks, etc
  • Link to and listing of your club on the Sail Canada website – Let us know if there are changes in the club contact information.
  • Able to participate in Sail Canada national awards program
  • Invited to use BMO Affinity MasterCard. With each use, you help to support the Canadian Sailing Team.
  • Access to post Instructor Job Advertisements on the Sail Canada Website. Click here for more information.